Black Karma Yama



Kalarupa, splendid, fierce in form!
A string of human heads, mouths dripping blood
Hangs from your shoulders; destroyer of the pride
Of irresistible Mara-hosts, I praise you!

With vajra song, making great uproar,
I offer a torma, complete in all its parts
Tea and liquor offerings, foes’ minced flesh
And fish, adorned with oceans of blood and fat.

The worst of enemies who harms the
Doctrine Of the Tathagatha, you smash to dust!
From now on, you destroy for us the yogins,
The fears of sickness age and death – I praise you!

Showing your fangs, as dazzling white as Venus,
Your eyes, destroying enemies, dart like lightning,
As with your pores blazing like the great fire
At time’s end you burn all demon-hosts – I praise you!

Lord of all Mamos, such as Chamundi
Possessed of effulgent splendour like sunlight
When you shout “DZA” to accomplish Divine Activities
You conquer fox-like hindering demons – I praise you!

All demons keep you on their heads like a hat
Your angry, buffalo-demon’s mouth gapes open
And shakes the great earth, screaming, rattling & buzzing
Wielder of skull-club born from YA, I praise you!

Attendants mounted on buffaloes sharp of horns
And hoof, others on dusty whirlwinds, such
As Shakali and Shinje-Bebma – a retinue
Of demons of the three worlds – surround you, I praise you!

O splendid-virtued, forcefully laughing, “HA HA”!
Accept the offerings, ARGHAM and the rest,
And incessantly carry out the promise
You swore before the glorious Yamantaka!