Small Scope

Refuge from the Lower Realms

Small Scope

The small scope covers the causes to achieve the high rebirth states of gods and humans; the ethics of abandoning the ten non-virtuous virtues, etc.

As I have already said, when you cultivate the part of the lamrim shared with the small scope and uphold ethics of abandoning the ten non-virtues, you will get a rebirth in the upper realms and be temporarily free from the sufferings of the lower realms.

Each of the three scopes contains its own version of the [first] cause of taking refuge. For the small scope it is: fear of going to the lower realms ourselves.

If you now feel, “I must work only for my future rebirths,” yearn for good rebirths only, and lose interest in this life’s trivia, you have developed your first type of realization into the small scope of the lamrim.

Dharma Protector of the Small Scope

Kalarupa/Kamayama/Dharmaraja Yama represents the impermanence of all rebirths; he also classifies people according to the laws of cause and effect and according to what sins or virtues people have done. If one relies on this Dharma Protector, one will easily develop realization into the small scope-that is, into impermanence, cause and effect, and so on.

Chapters of the Small Scope of study

  1. The Optimum Human Rebirth; Remembering Death
  2. The Suffering of the Lower Realms
  3. Taking Refuge in the Three Jewels
  4. Observing the Laws of Cause and Effect


Source: Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand by Kyabjye Pabongka Rinpoche.