A Praise to Amitayus

Long Life Buddha's Prayer

A Praise to Amitayus

Whatever is the wisdom of the Brave Lord Manjushri
and whatever is the power of Samantabhadra,
I train myself by following these two examples
and dedicate likewise all the accumulated imprints.

Whatever method of dedication
that the Buddhas of the three times have taught
I dedicate likewise all the roots of the wholesome merit
I have accumulated for obtaining a proper conduct.

Thus, by the power of the creation of this multitude of merits and virtues,
collected by myself and others,
May we take rebirth in the blissful lotus and
May we see the beautiful faces of the Lord and His entourage.

May we be fortunate to enjoy the Dharma of the Supreme Vehicle.
At the time of receiving the signs for an untimely death,
By seeing clearly the body of Lord Amitayus.

And by destroying the strength of the god of death,
May I attain the state of the deathless Knowledge Holder.
May I and others be transformed into the state of Lord Amitayus.

Whatever is Your body, may my body be like Yours.
Your entourage, your lifespan, your Buddha field, and your supreme signs and
characteristics, whatever there are,
May I be transformed into the same.