A Prayer to Saraswati

By the incomparable Lama Tsongkhapa

A Prayer to Saraswati

Captivating presence, stealing my mind,
like a lightning-adorned cloud beautifying the sky,
there amid a celestial gathering of youthful musicians.
Compassionate goddess, come here now!

Those alluring honeybee eyes in that lotus face,
that long, dark blue hair, glowing with white light,
there before me in a pose of seductive dance.
Grant me, Saraswati, your power of speech.

Those beautiful, playful antelope eyes,
I gaze insatiably upon you, seducer of my mind.
Goddess of speech with a mother’s compassion,
make our speech as one.

More beautiful than the splendor of a full autumn moon,
a voice eclipsing the sweetest melody of Brahma,
a mind as hard to fathom as the deepest ocean,
I bow before the goddess Saraswati.