Purification of Gross and Subtle Imprints


Our negative harmful actions multiply daily because they join with all those we have already accumulated since beginningless time.

In this way, our bad habits which will create more damage in our lives and others’ continually become stronger and stronger.

Greed, hatred and confusion arise from our self-centeredness and the resulting thoughts, feelings and actions are like a deadly virus, infecting everything until it feels completely natural to give up good things and follow our lower instincts.

The suffering, chaos and inequality we experience is the result of karma that is generated in this way. Yet it is said that there is no action which cannot be purified if the “four opponent powers” are present and exercised:

Coupled with sincere regret and positive determination (the four opponent powers), Vajrasattva practice can purify bad karma and cut the root of the vicious cycle of getting and giving pain.

  1. Regret over our action
  2. Having refuge in the Three Jewels to purify our negativities
  3. Applying the antidotes such as purification practice
  4. Promise not to repeat the action

By relying on Vajrasattva practice, gross and subtle negative imprints can be purified from our mindstream and we can thus break the chains of negativity that hold us down. Then we can start anew – crystal clear.

Purification will break the chains that hold us down.
With more clarity of mind, virtuous deeds come easy.
Therefore, spiritual practice improves dramatically.
Therefore, everything improves dramatically

His spiritual energy in the form of sound that helps to transform the mind (Mantra):