Bell and Vajra

Wisdom and Compassion

Bell and Vajra

The Bell and Vajra (diamond scepter and thunderbolt) are important ritual instruments to remind ourselves of, to invoke and to express divine energies during ritual ceremonies practiced in Vajrayana Buddhism.

Generally, the bell with her shape and sound is a metaphor for wisdom’s clear, space-like nature with sounds (phenomena) coming from silence and returning there soon.

The vajra shows the method which is great compassion beyond personal preoccupations, which brings forth indestructible awareness-energy.

During ceremonies the vajra invokes deities and dakinis, the bell welcomes them with heavenly music. Picking up vajra and bell one thinks:

“Out of great compassion I will liberate all beings from suffering by the power of the wisdom of Emptiness.”

Dakinis are attracted to these beautiful instruments, and many people keep them in a nice place with respect as a symbol of their aspiration to deepen their practice more and more.