The Refuge Vows

Vows, Commitments & Benefits

The Refuge Vows

To refrain from the Ten Non Virtuous Actions:

Three of the Body

1. Killing

2. Stealing

3. Sexual Misconduct

Four of the Speech

4. Divisive Speech

5. Harsh Words

6. Idle Chatter

7. Lying

Three of the Mind

8. Envy

9. Hatred and Malice

10. Wrong Views

The Refuge Commitments

1. Not to go for refuge to teachers who contradict Buddha’s view, or to Samsaric gods.

2. To regard any image of a Buddha as an actual Buddha

3. Not to harm others

4. To regard all Dharma Scriptures as the actual Dharma Jewel

5. Not to allow oneself to be influenced by people who reject the Buddha’s teachings

6. To regard anyone who wears the robes of an ordained person as an actual Sangha Jewel.

7. To go for refuge to the Three Jewels again and again remembering their good qualities and the differences between them.

8. To offer the first portion of whatever we eat and drink to the Three Jewels, while remembering their kindness

9. With compassion, always encourage others to go for refuge

10. To go for refuge at least 3 times during the day and 3 times during the night, remembering the benefits of going for refuge

11. To perform every action with complete trust in the Three Jewels

12. Never to forsake the Three Jewels, even at the cost of our lives, or even as a joke

The Benefits of Going for Refuge

1. We become a pure Buddhist

2. We establish the foundation for taking all other vows

3. We purify the negative karma that we have accumulated in the past

4. We daily accumulate a vast collection of merit

5. We are held back from falling into the lower realms

6. We are protected from harm inflicted by humans and non-humans

7. We fulfill all our temporary and ultimate wishes

8. We quickly attain the full Enlightenment of Buddhahood