A Song Of Longing For Tara The Infallible

By Lozang Tanpa Gyalts'an

A Song Of Longing For Tara The Infallible

Tara is swift in her response to our prayers as represented by her emerald green colour. Her ability to come to our assistance as we invoke her presence is instant – we need only think of her to have her compassionate heart with us. Kyabje Zong Rinpoche has said that if we rely on Tara as our personal meditational deity, attainment of siddhis is very quick.

Tara has strongly manifested her presence, blessings and speech many times over to us, from the highest practitioners to the humblest devotees. Due to its quick and efficacious results, her practice has become widespread and prevalent throughout North Asia, and continues to spread through the world. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to practice this efficient yidam without lower or higher tantric commitments.


Homage to Guru Arya-Tara!

Three Infallible Jewels of Refuge combined
In one, Divine Mother Whose nature is Compassion,
I bow to You from my heart! Till I’m enlightened,
Support me, I pray, with the hook of Your Compassion!

I call the Jewels as witness – from not just my mouth,
But the depth of my innermost heart and bones, I pray –
Think of me somewhat! Show me Your smiling face!
Loving One, grant me the nectar of Your Speech!

Others cheat us with their made-up teachings,
Selling Dharma for money that’s marked by impermanence,
Proclaiming ignorance knowledge, puffed up with pride
Through the eight worldly Dharmas, Gurus great and small.

Since I cannot trust such Friends of degenerate times,
The principal Guru of mine is You Yourself.
Inspire me, Mother of the nature of love!
Arouse Your great power of Compassion! Think of me!

Relied on as Refuge, none of them will deceive us;
But, seeing the ways of this degenerate age,
Most Buddhas sink down into the bliss of Nirvana;
Some, though compassionate, have weak karmic connection.

Since I have no other Yidam deity,
My principal Deity is You Yourself.
Grant me siddhis, Mother of loving nature!
Arouse Your great power of compassion! Think of me!

Most protectors don’t show their powers and skills –
Disgusted with their practitioners, they do not act.
Others, proud of worldly fame, may be
Good for a while, but cheat us in the end.

Since I cannot trust protectors such as these,
My principal Protector is You Yourself.
Fulfill the Activities, Mother of loving nature!
Arouse Your great power of Compassion! Think of me!

Common worldly riches, the meaning like the name,
Arouse defilements and bind one in Samsara.
What jewels, except the Aryas, though they grant wishes,
Can let me take even a sesame seed when I die?

Since I cannot trust illusory riches,
The principal wealth I have is You Yourself.
Grant my desires, O Mother of loving nature!
Arouse Your great power of compassion! Think of me!

Not fit to be trusted even for one day,
Their thoughts determinedly set on misbehaviour,
Just acting friendly, these friends of no virtue
Play the friend when they wish, the enemy when they don’t.

Since I cannot trust these friends of degenerate times,
The principal friend of mine is You Yourself.
Be close to me, O Mother of loving nature!
Arouse Your great power of compassion! Think of me!

In short, my Guru, my Deity and Protector,
My Refuge, dwelling, food, wealth, friends and all
Everything whatsoever I wish, You are;
So make me accomplish everything easily!

Let me stop also my present stubborn mind,
And rouse the Compassion that even on coming to give
A billion times for every being’s sake
My body and life tires not – inspire me thus!

The uprooter of Samsara’s maker, self-grasping,
The deep Middle Way, so hard to understand,
Avoiding all errors of the two extremes,
Pure Right View – Please inspire me to realise it!

Wishing, for sentient beings’ sake, to win Buddhahood,
Let me not think for a moment of my own pleasure,
But dedicating all virtues to beings and Doctrine,
Perfect my renounced Bodhi-mind – inspire me thus!

Rich in the Aryas’ Treasures, faith and the rest,
Let me become the best of Buddha-sons, able
To keep the smallest precept taught by the Conquerors,
Never contemptuous of it – inspire me thus!

In outward behaviour keeping the Hearer’s conduct,
Let me, in inward belief, revere the Profound
Vajrayana, and practice the Two-Stage Path,
So winning Enlightenment swiftly – inspire me thus!

Whether I’m happy or troubled, whether things
Go well or badly for me, whatever I do
You know about it, Venerable Tara, so
Think of me lovingly, my only mother!

Myself and all the beings with hopes of me
I offer to You, Venerable Tara!
Make us Your own, and to the highest Pure Land
Make us go quickly, with no births intervening!

My mothers, who do not follow the Conquerors’ teachings,
All mother sentient beings, whoever they are –
With Your hook of compassionate skilful means
Please transform their minds into Dharma!

Reciting this at morning, noon and night,
And bearing in mind Venerable Tara,
Let all sentient beings with hopes of me
Be born in whatever Pure Land they desire!

May every member of the Three Precious Jewels,
Especially the Venerable Mother, compassionate-natured,
Look after me till I reach the point of Enlightenment
Letting me conquer quickly the four Maras’ hosts!