The Wrathful Manifestation of Kuan Yin


Hayagriva is the wrathful manifestation of Avalokiteshvara, also known as Chenrezig or Kuan Yin, whose compassion manifests itself as a fierce energy that compels one to overcome internal obstacles and subdue outer hindrances.

Thus, Hayagriva provides a means through which a practitioner recognizes his or her own innate altruistic compassion.

Hayagriva has a bright red body and 3 faces, red, green and white. On top of his head are three green horse heads. He has 6 arms holding different implements.

In his lower right and left hands he holds sword and lasso respectively. His upper right hand hold a vajra and his upper left hand is in the threatening mudra. His central right and left hands hold a khatvanga and spear respectively.

Each of his eight legs steps on a snake, showing that his practice grants effective protection against Nagas. Hayagriva has the special ability to cure diseases in general, and skin diseases in particular, even one as serious as leprosy.

He is effective protection against Nagas (water spirits with serpent bodies) and counters the after-effects of black magic and spells. He is especially beneficial for those suffering from terminal illnesses.

His spiritual energy in the form of sound that helps to transform the mind (Mantra):