White Tara

Mother Of All Buddhas

White Tara

Most holy White Tara is supremely peaceful and meditative. She shines with the bliss of virtue and is often praised as the mother of all Buddhas.

She heals and blesses and averts grave dangers by the power of pacification.

Her legs are crossed in meditation posture and she has eyes of watchful compassion on her forehead, the palms of her hands and the soles of her feet, watching over us like a mother over her child. There is nothing that she doesn’t see. Her right hand shows unconditional giving; while her left, holding a blue utpala flower, blesses her children of faith with fearlessness.

Her divine body’s radiance is like that of a full moon on an autumn night, cooling, calming, soothing, and the moonbeams of her love and consolation shine through every window into every lonely room. Her all-forgiving softly smiling eyes invoke instant faith and deepest trust.

Throughout India, Tibet, China and Japan, Lady White Tara is famous for granting long life and averting life-threatening situations. The explanation of how she can do so can be found in her Mantra – her spiritual energy in the form of sound that helps to transform our mind.


Ayuh means long life, putrim abundance, punya ethical purity, jana wisdom, so we’ll gain an abundance of good life by acting wisely and pure,ly and if we do so she will help us in mysterious ways.

Someone once asked H.H. Kyabje Zong Rinpoche to bless a Tara statue, but he replied it wasn’t necessary because “if it’s Tara it is already blessed”.

No words can describe her; she is just too wonderful and holy.