Heruka Chakrasamvara

Emanation of Buddha Shakyamuni

Heruka Chakrasamvara

Buddha Shakyamuni himself manifested in the form of Heruka Chakrasamvara to subdue the God Ishvara for the benefit of all beings. Therefore he is considered the source of this high tantra.

With a majestic light-body of dazzling dark blue radiance, Heruka embodies the great bliss of inner transformation, the liberation from ignorance.

By him, the polluted rivers of delusion are transformed into holy waters that run to the sea of surrender. He has four faces, twelve arms, and is in union with his consort, Vajrayogini.

Attaining the state of Buddha Heruka depends upon abandoning the twelve dependent-related links of samsara by gaining the realizations of the four doors of liberation; symbolized respectively by Heruka’s twelve arms and his four faces.

Together with his consort, Vajrayogini, he ultimately represents the union of wisdom and compassion, or Emptiness and Bliss, which leads directly to the Enlightened mind. Heruka’s practice has led many women and men to full awakening within a single lifetime.

As a tantric Buddha, Heruka uses energies such as attachment, anger, desire, hatred as a means to achieving Enlightenment instead of suppressing them. He helps us to redirect our negative energies into something beneficial.

Although he is fully engaged in what appears to be negative, destructive or desirous, everything he does is entirely motivated by his unceasing compassion for sentient beings.

Heruka’s practice is one of the highest tantras in Buddhism and is unique because it is the only Tantra whose effectiveness increases as the times degenerate further. Therefore we are extremely fortunate if we can make a connection with Heruka Chakrasamvara especially in the current Kaliyuga age.